Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pounded Flowers

There was some interest in how you make the pounded flowers so here is the directions.
Tools needed:
Sturdy flat surface
Fresh Flowers and leaves
Paper towels
Aluminum foil

Cut your card base to desired size, score.

The best flowers to use for this technique are flat faced flowers such as Violets or Pansies. The leaves can be Ferns or Evergreen pieces.

Use the following sandwich on your sturdy flat surface: scrap piece of cardstock, closed card base. Flowers are face down on the card base. Arrange your flowers and leaves in any design being careful not to get to close to the end of your card.

Carefully cut away the green top that the stem is attached to, make sure all the petals are still attached. You can overlap your flowers. Then place a paper towel over your flowers then the foil. Top with another piece of scrap cardstock. The cardstock keeps your card from getting the hammer marks. Pound with the hammer, you are transferring the natural pigments in the flowers to your card. Carefully check to see if you have pounded all the flowers and leaves. If not, cover and pound some more. When you are finished pounding, take the cardstock, foil and paper towel off and let the card dry overnite with the flowers and leaves still attached. It will look like a big mess.

After your card has dried overnite scape off all the dried flower pieces and this is what you will get.....

Hope this helps. There are numerous videos on You Tube, type in the search box pounded flowers and it will take you to the videos. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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